Worldwide 5G Industry Fora

5G Trends, Applications and Collaborations: Regional Visions, Verticals trials and pilots, and Inter-Regional Cooperation Activities

Governmental entities and several research bodies from different regions of the globe, are conducting studies and efforts to shape up 5G Evolution, accelerate its deployment, and test its potential performance in real world. In the ITU-R, the process of developing Recommendations for the terrestrial components of the IMT-2020 radio interface(s) has resulted in final IMT-2020 specifications end 2020. In the 3GPP, 5G functionalities have been issued in September 2018 (Release 15) and June 2020 (Release 16) with complete 5G features (eMBB, mMTC and uRRLC). Full 5G vision with Verticals functionalities are expected in June 2022 with Release 17, which will give 5G its full power and applications, whereas « 5G Advanced » will begin later with Release 18…Around 180 5G phase 1 networks (Rel. 15), including 15 Standalone networks, have been commercially launched worldwide. In this worldwide industry sessions, we invite leading 5G industry associations from different regions and countries to share and discuss their current activities, visions and future roadmaps towards Full 5G deployment, trials and pilot implementations and also to develop on international industry collaboration.

  1. Regional visions and involvement of verticals: While the 5G standards process assures ubiquity and interoperability, regional considerations may create different visions of 5G as operators analyze their spectrum portfolio, develop 5G trials, pilots, use cases with verticals, and other technological considerations surface.
  2. Spectrum, standardization, and deployments roadmap towards Full 5G vision and 5G Advanced: What are the remaining target spectrum and candidate bands and when will it be decided? What is the image of 5G current deployments (Dense urban, Rural, Stadium…). What is the roadmap for 5G next deployments and how to make them successful? What is the involvement of verticals in 5G standardization and developments?
  3. International industry cooperation: What are the possible cross-continental collaborations and joint inter-regional projects toward the success of 5G?

Past speakers include:

  • China: Wang Zhiqin, Chair IMT-2020 Promotion Group
  • Japan: Yoshinori Ohmura, Secretary General 5GMF
  • India: Pamela Kumar, Director General TSDSI
  • South-Korea: Dong Ku Kim, Chair Executive Committee 5G Forum
  • Europe: Colin Willcock, chairman 5G-IA
  • Brazil: José Marcos Brito, Secretary General 5G Brasil
  • Americas: Chris Pearson, President 5G Americas
  • Taiwan: Dr. Mitch Tseng, Senior consultant “Next Generation Communication Technology Office”, ITRI
  • European Commission: Bernard Barani, Deputy Head of Unit DG CNECT
  • IEEE: Ashutosh Dutta, Chair IEEE Future Networks Initiative
  • EU-China 5G-DRIVE: Chen Tao, Project Manager
  • 5G-ACIA: Andreas Mueller, Chairman
  • 5GAA: Maxime Flament, CTO
  • BCG: Heinz Bernold, Partner & Director, Telecommunications
  • 3GPP: Wanshi Chen, Chairman TSG RAN


Jean-Pierre Bienaimé
Chairman, Ubiquity Consulting
Senior Advisor International Relations, TSDSI

Latif Ladid
Founder & President, IPv6 Forum
IEEE 5G Initiative Co-Chair, Conferences