WS6: International Workshop on AI and Pervasive IoT for sustainable Smart Farming

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The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) techniques has prompted new and innovative research and development directions for precision agriculture. Typically, these techniques are used in agriculture to improve various farming practices such as stress detection, crop growth assessment, disease monitoring, pest control, irrigation, and field monitoring and analysis.
IoT systems deployed in agriculture provide a wealth of information on crop yields, soil quality, nutritional measurements and other valuable information for better decisions that improve overall agricultural productivity.

The active implementation of AI-enabled tools and techniques, through the increased analysis of real-time agricultural imagery data (aerial, terrestrial, aquatic, satellite, etc.) is improving sustainable agricultural practices.

In addition, it operates autonomously without human intervention and makes the process of large-scale farmland monitoring simpler.
It is clear that the use of AI-enabled drones in agriculture will contribute to social good and help the farming community worldwide to migrate towards smart and sustainable agriculture. This workshop aims to explore advances in tools and techniques using AI and IoT for smart and sustainable agriculture.

This workshop aims to provide a forum for disseminating Smart Farming Research, Development, and Applications. We solicit original research papers in any aspect of Smart Farming related but not restricted to the following topics:

  • IoT-based irrigation and water management;
  • Precision agriculture and environment;
  • Big data in smart farming;
  • Security in smart farming systems;
  • Yield prediction and optimization in smart farming using AI and IoT techniques;
  • Crop monitoring, diseases and pest surveillance using AI and IoT techniques;
  • Advances in AI and IoT for protection and management of natural resources and biodiversity;
  • AI for harvest and post-harvest;
  • Cooperative farming solutions using AI-empowered IoT techniques;
  • 5G/B and 6G for sustainable agriculture
  • Innovations in cloud and edge-enabled methodologies for AI-empowered precision agriculture;
  • AI-empowered drones for smart farming: Technology, practices, and future
  • Agricultural management software;
  • Farm data-analytics and agricultural informatics;
  • Operational research methods relevant to agriculture, forestry and environment;
  • Sustainability indicators in agriculture and environment;
  • Big data techniques with potential applications in agriculture;
  • Digital Agriculture.


Mohamed Sadik, ENSEM / UH2C, Morocco,
Mohamed El Kamili, Higher School of Technology, Hassan II University of Casablanca, Morocco,