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The Industry and Academic Demonstrations are aimed at the researchers, practicing engineers, and technical managers who need to understand both technical and practical aspects of new and emerging topics within the scope of communications, networking, industrial practices/standards and so on. Demonstrations should also emphasize training for current topics and demonstrate some practical works of interest to the industry targeting near-term implementations and development in those areas.

For in-person demos, a 6-foot tabletop will be allotted to the demonstrator with the fee of $3500 for industry presenters and $2000 for academic presenters. Each tabletop is equipped with a power supply. Any furniture or additional equipment is subject to additional fees. Placement of the tabletop is determined by conference organizers.

Industry Demonstrations Proposal Format
Each proposal (maximum 3 pages) must include:

  1. Title of the demonstration
  2. Length of the demonstration (Half‐day or Full‐day)
  3. Names, Institutions, addresses, and a short biography (up to 200 words) of the organizers
  4. Motivation, background, objective, description of the technical issues that the demonstration will address (1-page max), and timeliness
  5. If appropriate, a description of past versions of the demonstration including the number of demonstrations, the number of attendees, etc.
  6. Public adequacy

Contact for Industry and Academic Demonstrations:
Furkan Ercan –


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